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Clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital

Children receiving medications can have unexpected side-effects or there may be concerns about drug interactions. In addition many children (over 50% in our population) are taking natural therapies or herbal medicines which can interact with conventional medicines or occasionally result in side effects. We can provide expert advice about the use of medicines in children and can test for drug reactions or allergy when questions about these arise. We can also assist in the investigation of suspected contamination with heavy metals such as lead and mercury and advise on treatment when necessary. 

The following practitioners at CPMG can be of service in helping sort out questions in clinical pharmacology in children:

Noel is an experienced general paediatrician and clinical pharmacologist. He has a unique background, having worked in general practice for several years before completing his paediatric training. He currently has appointments as a general paediatrician and director of clinical pharmacology in the Department of General Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital and as director of the Australian Paediatric Pharmacology Research Unit at Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

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