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Clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital
photograph of Nicole Hayes
M.Psychol (CLIN) B.Sc(Psych) Hons. MAPS FCCLP

Over the past two decades, Nicole has provided treatment utilising cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) in various settings: public (including Clinical Leader, CAMHS) and private; and across Australia, including rural, remote, metropolitan, hospital and university.  

With a strengths-based approach, Nicole enjoys collaborating with parents and other team members and specialists involved in their child’s care.  Nicole approaches CBT as a creative scientist.  She endeavours to train children/adolescents and their families in tools to manage anxiety and lift mood, and while attending to this serious business of treating anxiety and depression, aims to provide as much fun as possible.  As a parent herself, Nicole is cognisant of the real-life challenges that crop up from time to time when parenting.  

With an ineffable love of her work, Nicole provides training in CBT tools that she hopes will last a lifetime.
In addition to her role at CPMG, Nicole is the Director of Emerge Psychology™, Australia’s first psychology  Telehealth service.