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Clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital

Infants can present with a concerning symptoms such as poor feeding and/or weight gain, changes in head growth and shape, and persistent crying. We can assess infants and investigate for important underlying causes of these symptoms. If necessary, we can arrange hospital admission for further investigation and advise on ongoing management and follow-up. We can also perform routine infant follow-up such as the 6-week checkup and assist in evaluation of concerns raised by your local maternal health nurse.

The following practitioners at CPMG can be of service in evaluating and managing infants:

Daryl is a paediatrician who has worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital for 30 years and currently holds appointments as a general paediatrician in the department of General Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital, associate professor in the University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics, and senior research fellow in the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Daryl is active in research into better ways to treat children with developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD and Tourette syndrome.

Noel is an experienced general paediatrician and clinical pharmacologist. He has a unique background, having worked in general practice for several years before completing his paediatric training. He currently has appointments as a general paediatrician and director of clinical pharmacology in the Department of General Medicine at the Royal Children’s Hospital and as director of the Australian Paediatric Pharmacology Research Unit at Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

Dr Amy Gray is a general paediatrician with broad interests in looking after children from birth to adolescence, including a wide range of medical, developmental, and mental health conditions.  In addition to private practice, she works as a paediatrician and as the Director of Medical Education at the Royal Children’s Hospital and is the Deputy Head of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne

Carolyn is a general paediatrician who manages a wide range of acute, chronic and developmental paediatric problems. She graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and trained as a general paediatrician in South Africa and the United Kingdom, before moving to Australia. She works as a general paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital and is also employed by the University of Melbourne, as co-ordinator of medical student education.

Christian is a general paediatrician with experience in caring for children with a range of both acute and chronic medical conditions, from birth to adolescence. He has a particular interest in developmental and behavioural paediatrics, as well as common childhood problems such as asthma, constipation, poor growth, unsettled infants and issues with sleep.

Fiona is a General Paediatrician who completed her medical education and Paediatric specialist training in the UK.  Prior to moving to Australia she worked for several years as a Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

She has worked within the General Medicine department at the Royal Children’s Hospital since 2014.

Michaela trained as a Paediatrician at the Royal Children’s and The Mercy Hospitals in Melbourne.

During her training Michaela specialised in developmental and behavioural paediatrics, but since then she has continued to work both acute and outpatient settings, seeing children of all ages, including babies.

Michaela’s areas of interests include developmental delay, speech delay, failure to thrive and growth concerns, Autism, ADHD, constipation, encopresis and enuresis, behavioural problems, anxiety, eczema, asthma and urinary tract infections.

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